Advantage Cats over 10lbs (Purple)

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Advantage Cats over 10lbs (Purple)

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Advantage for Cats

A monthly spot-on treatment, Advantage for Cats kills adult fleas and prevents re-infestations from other pets and surroundings. This highly effective topical solution kills 98-100% fleas within 12 hours of application. It attacks fleas and controls flea population. Manufactured by Bayer, Advantage for Cats is an easy to apply topical flea treatment for 8 weeks and older kittens and cats.

Advantage Flea Control Cats

Made up of Imidacloprid as the active ingredient, this treatment is highly effective in treating heavy flea infestations. Advantage blocks fleas from biting the treated pet and this action starts within one hour of application making it a fast-acting flea treatment. The waterproof treatment remains effective for four weeks and protects pets against fleas even when the treated pet gets wet.

Manufacturer Bayer
  • Fast acting flea treatment that kills fleas within 12 hours, lice within 7 days and prevents re-infestations for a month
  • Easy to apply, waterproof treatment that remains effective even when cats get wet
  • Kills adult fleas and prevents flea infestations
  • Assists in treating Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)
  • Suitable for 8 weeks and older kittens and cats
  • Advantage is available in two separate color-coded packs – Advantage for kittens and small cats (cats weighing between 1 and 10 lbs) and Advantage for cats (purple color-coded pack) for cats weighing more than 10 lbs.
  • Part the fur between the shoulder blades thus creating a spot to apply the flea treatment. Make sure the skin is visible. Place the tip of the open applicator on the spot.
  • Squeeze out the liquid until the applicator is empty. The medication will spread across the cat’s body on its own.
  • It is safe to treat pregnant and lactating female cats with Advantage. Take veterinarian guidance before treating sick, debilitated, and aging pets. 
  • Do not treat kittens younger than 8 weeks of age.
  • If the application site is not dry then stop other pets and children from playing with the treated cat.
  • Do not allow the cat to lick the site of application.
  • Avoid any contact with the pet’s eyes and mouth.
  • Wash hands and exposed skin with soap and water to avoid skin irritation and itching.
  • Store at normal temperature away from eatables and animal feeds.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Consult a veterinarian on observing any signs of reaction.
  • Do not drink, smoke or eat while applying Advantage.
Imidacloprid 10% m/v
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Advantage for Cats

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Always Work

My kitty have cope up well with this liquid flea formula

Was this review helpful?

worth the money

It's been a while since I am using this med for my dogs and it hasn't failed anytime

Was this review helpful?

Geraldine Dawson
Flea and Tick Control

I like that Canada Pet Care has so many brands to choose from for both dogs and cats. Also, great prices and free shipping. Can’t beat it!

Was this review helpful?

Holden Verified Customer
Amazing Product

This Is The Best Order That Helps My Cat In Prevention From Fleas

Was this review helpful?

Stacey Fogoros
Prompt delivery

So glad I ordered advantage flea treatment from you! EXCELLENT AND PROMPT SERVICE

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Does Advantage treat ear mites
| Apr 22, 2022
(17) | (2)
Is advantage II or advantage regular
Advantage required adult fleas to ingest the medication, at which point they would be impacted by the insect-specific neurotoxins and die. Advantage II kills fleas on contact, with the addition of three new chemicals to its formula, that make your dog or cat's skin an entirely inhospitable environment for pests.
| Apr 20, 2022
(17) | (2)
Does it kill the eggs as well?
No, Only Adult Fleas and Its Larvae
| Feb 07, 2022
(17) | (4)
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