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Advantage Multi (Advocate) for Cats

Advantage Multi (Advocate) Kittens & Small Cats up to 10lbs (Orange)

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3 Doses
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Advantage Multi (Advocate) for Cats- Flea and Heartworm Treatment

Advantage Multi (Advocate) for Cats is a monthly spot-on treatment that treats broad spectrum parasitic infestations. This multipurpose treatment effectively prevents heartworms, treats gastrointestinal worms, fleas, and ear mites in cats. A waterproof solution, Advocate controls parasitic re-infestations by remaining active for a month.

Advantage Multi Cats

Advocate is a multipurpose treatment that is effective in controlling heartworm infections, treating a range of intestinal worms, and ear infections caused due to mites and sarcoptic mange in cats. It is an overall treatment that helps protect cats against heartworm disease and other parasitic infections.

A fast acting treatment that activates within one hour of application, Advocate rapidly kills flea within 12 hours. Imidacloprid kills fleas that can cause dermatitis, and destroys ear mites, which can cause ear infections in dogs. Moxidectin triggers the nerve transmission which results in paralysis and then eventual death of parasites. On the other hand, Imidacloprid is quite effective in controlling fleas by directly attacking its nervous system leading to paralysis and then death. Thus, this highly effective treatment not only kills fleas but also protects against other parasites.

Key Benefits
  • One treatment effective against multiple internal and external parasites
  • Prevents heartworm infections for an entire month
  • Rapid treatment that is activated within an hour of application
  • Kills fleas, intestinal worms, and ear mites
  • Easy to apply, topical treatment that remains effective even after swimming or bathing the pet
  • Blocks reproduction of parasites by attacking larval stages
Direction of use

Advocate is available in two different color-coded packs categorized in accordance with the weight of the pet.

The pack details are:

1.Orange colored pack for kittens and cats that weigh up to 10 lbs.

2.Purple colored pack for cats that weigh over 10 lbs.

  • Weigh your pet and choose the appropriate pack.
  • Let the pet stand still. Locate a spot between the shoulder blade and base of the skull.
  • Part the fur to make the skin visible.
  • Place the tip of the pipette and empty it by squeezing out the liquid.
  • Allow it to dry. It is safe to use on kittens, pregnant and nursing cats. Consult a veterinarian for further advice.
  • Apply on clean, unwounded skin.
  • Keep away from feline’s eyes.
  • Do risk-benefit assessment before treating cats that weigh less than 1 kg.
  • Do not groom the pet until the application spot is dry.
  • Do not let children play with the pet until applied area is dry.
  • It is not recommended to allow pets to groom each other until the application site is dry.
  • If the cat licks the applied area then adverse reactions like vomiting, excessive salivation, improper respiration, tremors, etc. may be observed. Immediately consult a veterinarian for advice. 

10 % v/w Imidacloprid (100g/L)

2.5 % v/w Moxidectin (25g/L)