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donna t. Asks
Tee Skunk has a large egg shaped ball that came out in front of her right hip within the past yr. She is a bit overweight, has been neutered about 7 yrs now. She gets around very well, jumps on and o ...
cathy f. Asks
He is losing his hair at his shoulder and backside. He sucks his ankle until it bring blood ...
irene l. Asks
She is very heavy, she eats constantly, I have two other dogs and there within there weight limit, but Ginger just eats all the time. I can’t control her, what can I do? ...
nelly w. Asks
My dog swallow the food without chewing. So I am not sure she might have tooth pain. I would be a great help if you point out the signs. ...
peter m. Asks
Advantage for my dog Alley not working any more. I purchased this last year and it has long expiry. Should I buy a new one or do you want me to switch to another one. Please help. ...
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