Dermavet for Dogs

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Dermavet for Dogs

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Dermavet Cream For Dogs

Dermavet is an antiseptic cream with antibacterial properties. It is used as a primary treatment for cuts, lesions, and wounds in dogs. It cleanses and heals wounds at faster pace, provides symptomatic relief and prevents chances of infections and septic. It is an ideal treatment for curing inflamed skin, lesions, cuts, wounds and bacterial infections in dogs.

Dermavet is an all purpose cream with antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antipruritic properties. It provides quick relief from dermatological disorders, cuts, wounds, lesions and ear infections. It provides symptomatic relief from superficial bacterial infections, interdigital cysts and infections in sensitive area like anal glands.

The active ingredients with antiseptic agents in Dermavet, heal infections, relieves itching and controls pets from licking the wounds area. Overall, Dermavet is the absolute solution for rapid recovery from wounded skin and dermatological disorders in dogs.

Manufacturer Cipla
  • General purpose cream for healing wounds and skin cuts
  • Scientific formulation with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-pruritics properties
  • Provides instant relief from skin and ear infections
  • Easy to apply topical solution that treats dermatitis, eczema and bacterial infections
  • Gives faster relief in slow healing wounds that may cause septic
  • Very popular veterinarian product with success record of 40 years
  • Clean the wounded area of debris, dirt and pus.
  • Gently apply a thin layer of the cream on the wound.
  • Increase the frequency of application as per the condition of the wound. For mild inflammation or superficial skin cut, apply once a week.
  • For acute condition, use it twice or thrice a day. Take veterinarian guidance if the wound or infection is a deep-seated one.
  • Be careful while dealing with cystic areas and infections in anal glands. Drain the cystic area and glands and fill Dermavet cream in it.
  • For ear infections, clean the ear with an ear cleanser and then sparsely apply a thin layer of the cream.
  • For any kind of dermatological problems, clean the area and then apply a thin coating of the cream.
  • Consult a veterinarian for further guidance. 
  • Do not use for pregnant dogs if they are in last trimester.
  • Keep away from the reach of pets and children.
  • Store at a cool and dry place.
  • Keep away from the pet’s eyes.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after applying the cream.

Each 1 g contains aqueous extracts of: 

  • Shorea robusta - 20 mg
  • Azadirachta indica - 20 mg
  • Pongamia pinnata - 20 mg
  • Cassia tora - 20 mg
  • Ficus infectoria - 30 mg
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra - 40 mg
  • Celastrus paniculatus - 6 mg
  • Jasad bhasma - 10 mg

In a cream base


  • Methyl Paraben - 0,20% w/w
  • Propyl Paraben - 0,02 % w/w
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Dermavet for Dogs

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Rayden Verified Customer
Worth To Buy This

You Must Have This Wound Repair That Heals The Wounds So Well. It Is A Great Antiseptic Cream.

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Lisa Tucker
Dermavet Amazing!

This treatment has done wonders for our pets.

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Helps Heal Wounds Faster

Quality Treatment That Helps In Healing Wounds At A Faster Rate.

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Dermavet Is The Best

Dermavet For Dogs Is Really Good. Its The Best.

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Can this be used for ear infections
Dermavet is indicated for the treatment of slow-healing wounds, topical superficial wounds, and topical septic wounds in dogs, cats, and horses
| Jun 14, 2022
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Can this be used for vaginal yeast infections in dogs?
Nystatin is fungistatic in vitro against a variety of yeast and yeast-like fungi including many fungi pathogenic to animals.
| Oct 18, 2021
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Can this be used on cats
| Aug 27, 2021
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