Granofen Granules 1 gm

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Granofen Granules  1 gm

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Granofen Granules for Dogs & Cats

Granofen worming granules are ready to administer oral anthelmintic for dogs and cats. It helps to kill all types of gastrointestinal worms in puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats. This helps to eliminate all the various types of lungworms and prevents infestations in your pet. Given routinely, these granules help in keeping your pet worm-free for many weeks. Besides, they are very easy to administer and highly safe for all cat and dog breeds.

Granofen wormer granules contain the active ingredient Fenbendazole. This highly powerful ingredients thoroughly dismantles the worms present in the pet's body and kills them instantly. By doing so, it keeps your pet safe and secure from numerous worms for many weeks.

Manufacturer Virbac
  • Protects puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats from gastrointestinal worms
  • Highly effective in controlling infestations
  • Highly easy to use wormer treatment
  • Safe for all breeds of cats and dogs
  • Has an ovicidal effect on nematode eggs.
  • Administer 1g Granofen Wormer granules for dogs and cats as per 5lbs body weight.
  • Mix the granules in the food to administer your pet.
  • Repeat, if the re-infestation of parasitic worms occur.
  • Adult dogs and cats should be wormed routinely for 2 to 4 times a year.
  • For heavy infestations, worm 6 to 8 times a year.
  • Puppies and kittens should be treated from 2 weeks old, and then 3 to 4 more times until the age of 12 weeks.



  • Weight between 2.2 to 4.4kgs or (5-10lbs) - 2grams
  • Weight between 4.5 to 8.8kgs or(10-20lbs) - 4grams
  • Weight between 8.9 to 13.2kgs or (20-30lbs) - 6grams
  • Weight between 13.3 to 22kgs or (30-50lbs) - 10grams
  • Weight between 22.1 to 35.2kgs or (50-80lbs) - 16grams
  • Weight between 35.3-50kgs or (80-110lbs) - 22grams

Note: For dogs weighing over 50kgs (110lbs), an extra 1 gram is required for each  2.2kgs of bodyweight.

  • Do not use for hypersensitive pets
  • Dispose the sachet safely
  • Keep out of children and pets
  • Treatment for animal use only
  • Wash hands after giving the treatment
  • Febendazole
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Granofen Granules for Dogs

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Denver Verified Customer
Worthy Product

It Is One Of The Best Product I Am Ever Using For My Pert Dog.

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Mordechai Verified Customer
Amazing Product

They Are Among The Best Gastrointestinal Granules. They Keep The Gut Of Your Pet Good And Maintains A Digestive Blend As Well.

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Rachel Verified Customer
Great Granules

These Granules Are Great. Awesome Quality Treatment.

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Granofen Granules

This Granules Treatment Is So Good. I Mean, They Work So Well.

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Effective Against Lungworms

Good Treatment That Works Effectively Against Lungworms In Dogs.

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