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Joint Guard for Cats

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Joint Guard For Cats

Joint Guard For Cats
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Joint Guard Treatment for Cats

More than half of cat population suffers from chronic joint pain. Age, injury and over-activity are some of the factors that induce pain. To protect cats from joint degeneration and make their bones strong, Joint Guard powder is an absolute solution. It increases production of cartilage matrix, repairs damaged joints, reduces pain, enhances mobility and helps cats lead a healthy life.

Joint Guard Powder

Joint Guard powder is first choice of vets around the world for joint health support. This health supplement reduces joint pain and inflammation in cats. Made of natural ingredients, Joint Guard improves functioning of damaged and injured joints. It also helps arthritic cats to lead normal life by providing relief from pain. It restores mobility and increases flexibility of joints in cats. This dietary product protects growing kittens from degenerative diseases and normal wear and tear. 

Key Benefits
  • Joint Guard is an excellent support supplement for healthy joints.
  • It provides essential nutrients required for joint cartilage repair and maintenance.
  • With a regular daily administration, it offers protective effects in growing kittens.
  • It exclusively aids in the production of healthy cartilage grid and joint fluid.
  • Regular usage helps prevent degeneration of cartilage by supplying critical components.
  • The proportionate mixture of vital components in Joint Guard helps reduce inflammatory effects and strengthens skeletal system.
  • Long-term administration of Joint Guard helps treats non-infectious joint inflammation. 
Direction of use
  • Weigh cats before starting Joint Guard treatment.
  • Provide this powder daily along with meals according to the weight of a cat.
  • One scoop contains 625 mg of powder.
  • For young kittens, administer maintenance dose daily for protective effect.
  • For adult, aging, old and cats experiencing cartilage damage start with initial dosage and continue with maintenance dosage to keep them safe and healthy.
  • Usually for the first 4 to 6 weeks, provide initial dosage and gradually reduce the dosage switching to maintenance dosage as improvement is seen in the performance of a cat.  


Cat weight

Initial 4-6 weeks dosage

Maintenance dosage

<5 kg

2 scoops daily

1 scoop/day

Over 5 Kg

4 scoops daily

2 scoops/day

  • Store it away from dampness in a dry place.
  • Keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store it below 30 degree Celsius.
  • For diabetic and obese cats, consult your vet first. 

Each 2.5 g of Joint Guard Powder for Cats contains:

  • Glucosamin Hydrochloride 500 mg
  • Purified Sodium Chondroitin Sulphate 400 mg
  • Also contains MSM, manganese gluconate, calcium ascorbate
  • (Vit C), zinc, copper, vitamin E
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Customer Review
Joint Guard for Cats
Joint Guard
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Joint Guard
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Cats > Joint Care 2020/04/06
Product description: Joint Guard for Cats : Buy branded Joint Guard for Cats for Joint Care treatment with free shipping to all over USA | CanadaPetCare.com
Protects the joints of my kitty

This product protects the joints of my kitty from getting brittle due to age.

Mobility improvement in Molly

Molly was totally unable to move because of the severe pain in her joints..My vet consulted me to try Joint Guard as it is a top-seller. After administering the powdered treatment, improvement was visible and after few days she was on her feet again..Thanks!!

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