Meditrich 100 Tablets

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Meditrich 100 Tablets

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Meditrich Tablets for Pigeons and Birds

Meditrich is an ideal solution for pigeons and raptors suffering from cropcanker or Trichomoniasis. This one-time dose treatment fights against the infection and protects pet bird health. Exclusively formulated with a unique ingredient, Meditrich tablets are safe for young and breeding birds. Highly helpful for racing pigeons, it can cure up to 93% of Trochomoniasis cases.

Meditrich for Birds

Meditrich is an ultimate solution to treat an infectious disease like Trichomoniasis also known as cropcanker in pigeons and raptors. Its scientific formulation helps to dissolve the chemical ingredient Metronidazole – a non-water soluble substance. The active ingredient treats the infection and restores strength in birds and pigeons.

Manufacturer Medpet
  • Meditrich is an ultimate treatment of Trichomoniasis (cropcanker) in pigeons and birds of prey.
  • One time treatment cures about 93% of Trichomoniasis cases in pigeons and birds.
  • This high quality treatment helps birds of prey and racing pigeons to fight against Trichomoniasis infection.
  • Metronidazole is a non-water soluble ingredient, which cannot be dosed in its pure form as it causes severe regurgitation but Medpet cellulose coating in this tablet helps overcome this problem.
  • It is highly effective when alternately combined with other treatment such as Medizole and Cankerex.
  • Meditrich is beneficial to young pigeons when dosed on weaning day.
  • Administer one tablet of Meditrich to young pigeons on the day of weaning.
  • Administer one tablet monthly to a pigeon during racing season.
  • To prevent parasites becoming resistant to these tablets, combine Meditrich treatment with Medizole and Cankerex.
  • Keep out of reach of children and other pet animals.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Close the container tightly after use.
  • It’s safe for young birds.

Metronidazole 100 mg

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Meditrich for Bird

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Renold Verified Customer

It Is Effective And I Love The Discounted Price

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Beau Verified Customer
Great Product

A Good And Safe Treatment For Birds

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Chisa Verified Customer
Great Product

One Does Is Enough To Take Care Of Your Pet Well. I Trust This Product Since Long And It Does Not Has Any Side Effects

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Joel Verified Customer
Effective Product

Treat Them Once With This And They Are Really Safe From Crop Canker. This Is Really A Great And An Effective Product.

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Myla Verified Customer
Safe For Breeding Birds

A Safe Treatment For Breeding Birds Too.

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