Protexin Soluble Powder Orange 125gm

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Protexin Soluble Powder Orange 125gm

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Protexin Soluble Powder for Supplements

Protexin Soluble Powder is highly effective formulation containing probiotic ingredients for creating microbial balance in the intestines of cats and dogs. It is a natural way of correcting gastrointestinal problems of canines and felines. It is highly beneficial for establishing normal gut microbes followed by an antibiotic treatment or sickness.

Protexin Soluble Powder is an effective natural manner of solving gastrointestinal problems in cats and dogs. It contains seven different types of naturally occurring live bacteria that are healthy for the intestines of canines and felines. Often administered after antibiotic treatment, the powder recovers damage caused by diseases and chemical medicines.

The powder is suitable for all breeds of cats and dogs and is safe to administer to puppies and kittens. It establishes microbial balance in the gut and aids in keeping the pet’s intestines in a healthy state. It is beneficial for pets suffering from digestive disorders and maintains general wellbeing of the pets. 

  • Improves digestive process of cats and dogs.
  • Aids in proper utilization of food.
  • Reduces the problems of intestinal disorders. 

It is a water-soluble powder that can be administered as per the veterinarian’s advice. 


It is highly safe for all breeds and age groups of cats and dogs.


180 million colony forming units CFU/g

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Protexin Soluble Powder for Supplements

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Sebastian Verified Customer
Maintains Health

A Great Protexin Soluble To Maintain Your Pet's Digestive System Well.

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Veronica Verified Customer
Amazing Product

Really Amazing. Good And Effective Product.

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