Scalibor Tick Collars Adjustable large 65 cm

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Scalibor Tick Collars Adjustable large 65 cm

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Scalibor Tick Collars for Dogs

Scalibor Tick Collar is an easy to use treatment for eliminating fleas and ticks on dogs. Suitable for 12 weeks and older puppies and dogs, the light-weight collar removes 98% existing ticks within the first 24 hours. The waterproof and odorless collar protects dogs against flea, American dog tick, Deer tick, and Brown dog tick infestations. It remains effective for three months and prevents re-infestations.

Scalibor Tick Collar is specially designed with patented insecticide/acaricide technology to kill fleas and ticks at a rapid pace. It destroys 98% of ticks within 24 hours and prevents sand flies and Culexpipiens mosquitoes. Made up of high-quality plastic resin, it is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs of all breeds.

Deltamethrin, the active ingredient in the collar is released over time on to your dog’s skin giving her full-body protection for a long duration. It kills fleas and ticks and prevents parasitic re-infestations. For best results, the collar should be worn continuously for three months. It should be worn 10-14 days prior to visiting a heavily infested area.

  • One size tick collar fits all sizes and breeds of dogs
  • Kills fleas, ticks, sand flies and Culexpipiens mosquitoes
  • Provides absolute protection against various flea and tick-borne diseases
  • Waterproof, odorless collar, convenient to apply collar
  • An affordable treatment that remains effective for three months
  • Protects against re-infestations from other pets and surroundings
  • Scalibor tick collar comes in only one size which fits all sizes and breeds of dogs.
  • Just buckle up the collar around the pet’s neck in such a way that there is space of two to three fingers between the neck and collar.
  • Trim off the extra portion and dispose of it immediately.
  • For best results, the pet should wear it continuously except at the time of bathing and swimming.
  • Change the collar when it loses its effectiveness.
  • Use only on puppies that are 12 weeks or older.
  • Refrain pets from chewing the collar as it is toxic.
  • Do not let children play with the collar.
  • Do not tie the collar too tightly as it may cause skin irritation.
  • Before using it for sick, debilitated, pregnant and nursing dogs, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.
  • Wash hands with soap after buckling up the collar.


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Scalibor Tick Collars for Dogs

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Fisher Verified Customer
Amazing Product

This Is A Great Tick Collar For Pet's Presentation.

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Juelz Verified Customer
Amazing Product

I Was Aware But The Collars But Was Not Sure Which One To Buy. My Vet Suggested Me Few Good For My Pet And I Opt For Scalibar. They Are Really Good And Budget-Friendly.

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Timothy Verified Customer
Excellent Tick Collar

This Tick Collar Is Excellent. Scalibor Is Good.

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One Love, Scaribor

There's No Better Collar Than Scalibor. One Love.

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Great Collar

Scalibor Tick Collar. It Is Great And Worth It.

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