SeaFlex Joint Function 100gm

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SeaFlex Joint Function 100gm

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Seaflex Joint Function Health Supplement

When you find your pet is slowing down, sleeps little longer, has a dull or lifeless coat, a bit stiff or a less playful then you need to get serious. Cats face multiple dysfunctional joint issues causing pain and inflammation. An effective joint function supplement SeaFlex for cats improves their condition and helps them to lead a normal life. Different from other products, this chewable treat supports joint framework and helps pets gain their mobility while relieving them from pain. 

SeaFlex Joint Function for Cats

A patented formula SeaFlex Joint Function is a quick-action joint care supplement. With retention of nutritional value of ingredients, SeaFlex works faster and more effectively compared to other products. It enhances mobility and improves overall joint health in cats. Help in faster recovery from joint injuries or damaged joints, this dietary supplement uniquely helps in improving cartilage functioning.

Manufacturer Value Plus
  • SeaFlex is a revolutionary product for joint health in cats.
  • With its incredible palatable taste, it is easy to administer.
  • Made of all natural and human-grade ingredients, SeaFlex has no side-effects on pets.
  • The unique formulation makes it a perfect supplement that improves joint health and enhances mobility in cats.
  • This scientifically proven product is considered ‘heart healthy’ for cats.
  •  It is a valuable tonic for younger pets for their optimal health.
  • Within 10 days, SeaFlex boosts mobility in senior cats. 
  • Consult a vet before using this product.
  • To an average size 4 - 6 kg cat, treat with 6 morsels daily or as directed by a vet.
  • Mix it with food or give them orally as a treat.
  • Consult a vet before administrating to pregnant or breeding cats. 
  • Keep it away from pets and children.
  • Store it in a cool place and dry place.
  • It is recommended for animal use only.
  • Discontinue administration of Flex in cats and consult a vet, if lameness and pain continues.
  • Provide along with food or after food to avoid indigestion problem.

Each 50mg tasty bite contains:

  • Sea Chrondroitin - 45mg
  • Fish Oil - 5mg
  • Kelp - 2.5mg
  • Catnip - 2.5mg
  • Taurine - 410ug
  • Calcium - 345ug
  • Zinc - 30ug
  • Vitamin D - 0.5ug
  • Vitamin A - 8ug
  • Vitamin C - 117ug
  • Vitamin E - 2.5mg.


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SeaFlex Joint Function for Cats

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Natasha Verified Customer
Great Product

Best Of All Joint Care

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Waylon Verified Customer
Worth To Buy This

Get This For Your Pet And Make His Life Happening And Full Of Fun. It Is Just A Product You Can Give It Daily For Making Your Cat's Life So Good.

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Yahir Verified Customer
Good Product

I Would Like To Recommend This If You See Any Abnormal Behavior Of Your Cats Mostly The Sleeping Attitude.

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Seaflex Is Awesome

Seaflex Joint Function Product Is Really Awesome And Very Effective.

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Super Effective

A Highly Effective Joint Care Product.

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