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Medizole for Bird

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Medizole 100 gm

Medizole 100 gm
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Medizole is an oral treatment for multiple infections caused in pigeons and cage birds. It actively treats and prevents diseases such as Trichomoniasis, Hexamitosis and Giardia. This water-soluble composition is highly effective in treating and controlling various bird diseases. Medizole is also safe without any potential threat for racing and young pigeons. Due to its easy to use formulation, it is widely used by bird owners.

Medizole 100g by Medpet

An excellent powder product from MedPet, Medizole is a broad-spectrum treatment for diseases like Giardia, Trichomoniasis and Hexamitosis in racing pigeons, cage birds and raptors. The active ingredient – Ronidazole used in this formulation works effectively to treat infestations and protect birds from these diseases. Medizole powder is water-soluble so, it is easy to dose birds.

Key Benefits
  • This easy to use oral treatment is highly beneficial to treat health conditions like Trichomoniasis, Hexamitosis, and Giardia in pigeons and birds.  
  • Medizole is highly effective and safe to use on young pigeons, raptors, breeding birds and cage birds.
  • This water-soluble product is safe to use in breeding and racing seasons.
  • A high quality preventive treatment – Medizole protects and controls different avian diseases in pigeons.
Direction of use
  • Administer Medizole to pet birds according to the directions given on the pack.
  • It is important to make fresh solutions everyday to treat affected pigeons and birds.
  • Add 5gm of powder (that equals to 1 level scoop) to 2 litres of drinking water for 3-5 days.
  • If no improvement is seen on treatment with this product, immediately seek your vet’s advice.
  • For complete instructions, refer information pamphlet inside the pack.  
  • Store it in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.
  • Ensure to close the container tightly after use.
  • Keep away from children and other pet animals.
  • It’s safe for breeding and young pigeons.

Ronidazole B.P. Vet 10% m/m

Excipients 90% m/m

Customer Review
Medizole for Bird
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Bird > Racing Pigeons
Product description: Medizole is used for the prevention and treatment of trichomoniasis, hexamitosis and giardia in pigeons and caged birds. Buy MedPet Medizole 100 GM for Birds and Pigeons as prevention and treatment at best price.
My pigeon had Giardia

Giardia infected my pigeon and I was quite terrified at that moment to deal with that situations. But after my vet recommended me to try Medizole, i ordered it and it had astounding effects. Thanks for providing such useful treatments at such a low price!!

Controls bird diseases

Medizole is designed especially to fight against the various harmful diseases that threaten the bird's life. As a bird owner, I would totally recommend this treatment. It is easy to administer and effective as well