Nexgard Chewables for Extra Large Dogs 60.1-120 lbs (Red) 136mg

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Nexgard Chewables for Extra Large Dogs 60.1-120 lbs (Red) 136mg

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Nexgard for Extra Large Dogs (Red Pack)

When no other flea and tick oral treatment works for your dog, try this innovative and one of the best flea treatments for extra large dogs. NexGard comes as a new generation oral treatment for fleas and ticks with 4 different variants. This Red pack for extra large dogs is specially designed for dogs weighing 60-120 lbs. With its advanced treatment formula, these tasty chewables kill fleas and protect dogs from harmful flea infestation. The repeated dose every 30 days also destroys ticks. Nexgard beef-flavored flea pills for extra large dogs are easy to administer, without any mess of topical treatment. NexGard Red kills and controls adult fleas and 4 different kinds of ticks – the American dog tick, the Lone Star tick, Brown dog tick and Deer tick.

How Does Nexgard Work?

NexGard chews is a new age formula for killing fleas and ticks for dogs. This specially formulated chews from the makers of Frontline contains an all-new ingredient - Afoxolaner - never used before in any other preventative. The active ingredient – Afoxolaner readily gets absorbed in the bloodstream of a pet and attacks the nervous system of fleas and ticks, which eventually leads to the destruction of these parasites. Afoxolaner is slowly realized through animals’ metabolic activity and thus, NexGard effectively eliminates fleas and ticks for a whole month.

NexGard Red Pack for Extra Large Dogs: Safe to be used for any breed of dogs as well as puppies 8 weeks of age and older, weighing between 60-120 lbs.

Please be informed that as Merial is now part of Boehringer Ingelheim, the manufacturer’s name may vary on the product packs according to the stock availability.

Note: We recommend consulting your vet before buying this product. Pets with a history of seizure attacks should only be treated with this product after consulting a vet.

  • NexGard is an advanced flea and tick oral treatment
  • The tasty beef-flavored chew is easy to administer
  • NexGard works for a whole month protecting your dog from fleas and ticks
  • Compared to other oral flea and tick treatments, this tasty chew treats and controls different types of ticks along with fleas.
  • Free from mess of topical application with no worries about washing away of flea and tick solution
  • Effective when taken along with heartworm preventive
  • Buy the pack according to the weight of your dog.
  • Administer the chewable according to dog body weight.
  • NexGard can be administered with or without food.
  • When mix with food, ensure that your dog completes the whole meal in order not to skip chew.
  • Give your dog NexGard every 30 days.
  • If confused, ask your vet for the proper dosage for your pet.
  • Can start treatment anytime and continue for the whole year without any interruption.
  • To prevent flea re-infestation, treat all dogs in the house with NexGard chewable.




4-10 lbs

Administer one chew

10.1-24 lbs

Administer one chew

24.1-60 lbs

Administer one chew

60.1-121 lbs

Administer one chew

Over 121 lbs

Administer a combination of chewables appropriate to weight

  • Keep it away from children and pets.
  • Store it away from edible items.
  • Store at or below 30°C (86°F) with excursions permitted up to 40°C (104°F).


  • NexGard is for dogs only never treat cats or other pet animals.
  • Use of NexGard in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs is not confirmed.
  • Consult a vet before using on dogs having seizures or epilepsy or ataxia or muscle tremor.
  • In case of vomiting, diarrhea, dry skin, lethargy and lack of appetite after treatment, consult your vet.


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Treat worms and flea

I am amazed to see how wonderfully this topical treatment has worked on fleas.

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Sandra Stanton
awesome service

Love to order from Canada Pet Care. Great service!!!

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Gerald Foster

Good price and quick delivery.

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Carolyn Kraft
Nex Gard ordrr

Perfectly smooth and Bette pricing

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Jeffrey Stover
Satisfied as always

Easy online ordering, delivery by mail. Never a problem

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How long is delivery for Canada
The majority of the orders are delivered between 10 to 15 business days.
| Jun 07, 2022
(17) | (4)
My dog vomited 30 mins after ingesting a Nexgard tablet. He had his lunch 20mins prior to his nexgard Should we give him another tablet or did the tablet have enough time to enter his system?
If it is suspected that any of the dose has been lost or if vomiting occurs within two hours of administration, redose with another full dose. For more details please consult your vet.
| May 29, 2022
(17) | (2)
Can I pay with paypal?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex.Read More Here
| May 22, 2022
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Do you need vet RX to order Nexgard
| May 10, 2022
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How much is shipping to the US?
Free Shipping
| May 03, 2022
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